We believe in the power of Scouting to help young people learn skills for life

Our expedition is in aid of Scouting, helping over 450,000 young people across the UK enjoy fun, adventure while developing skills for life. Through an inspiring programme of 200 different activities, girls and boys get the opportunity to develop the confidence, resilience, team-building and leadership skills they need to succeed.

Scouts have stood on the summit of Everest, at the South Pole and on the surface of the Moon. We’re hoping to add to that incredible history of adventure and achievement with our own expedition.


Where your money could go

£5 – Could go towards uniform costs for young people who can’t afford to join.

£20 – Could help a volunteer attend a first aid or other skills training course

£50 – Could pay for a carer to help a disabled Scout for a day, so everyone joins.

£1o0 – Could help a start-up grant for a new group – helping Scouting to grow.

Why we chose the Scouts

We wanted to choose a charity that we felt was well aligned to our mission. The Scouts embody resilience, initiative, teamwork, responsibility, and leadership. We will need to use all of these traits if we are to succeed in our mission.

The Scouts are an inspiration to us. Former Scouts have stood on the summit of Everest, the South Pole, led countries, won Olympic medals, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

‘As a former Cub Scout myself, I know the amazing benefits that Scouting offers. It set me on a path to adventure and gave me skills and values I have to this day. It’s about giving every chance to every child. We want all young people, especially those in the most deprived parts of the UK to get the same great start in life and the chance to develop skills for life.’

Rob McArthur


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