Kayaking across the Baltic

Sorry about the lack of cycling blogs. The truth is we have so much footage from filming but it’s so disorganised and on different SD cards and we don’t really have time to review them, let alone prepare them into interesting short highlight videos. It’s not that interesting anyway seeing us cycling along but we will keep filming and you’ll have to wait until we get the Arch2Arctic film produced. If any producers happen to be out there who are interested in making the movie, do get in touch…!


Anyway here is a video of us crossing the Baltic, enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Kayaking across the Baltic”

  1. Hi Poldy. Michael and Jackie here we met at Tilly’s wedding and have been involved with BES. Well done on your trip so far and good luck with cycle and row to Svalbard.

    1. Hi Michael and Jackie, great to hear from you! Thanks, the trip has gone well so far but we are well aware that the most challenging part is coming up!

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