Paddleboarding from Denmark to Sweden

This is very late, and the video is very raw, and the commentary is a very dodgy as we’re starting to feel the cumulative effect of cycling day in day out but nevertheless it is a video somewhat showing the crossing. It seems like a long time ago now although it was just 11 days ago.

A big thank you to Lasse and Mads for helping make this happen. We met them randomly in England when we were sorting out our boat in the marina. They came rowing into the berth next to us in another Rannoch ocean rowing boat and naturally we got talking. When they said they were from Copenhagen we mentioned that we were planning a crossing from Denmark to Sweden but had no idea how we were going to do it, they immediately offered to help. And help they did, so we’re very grateful to them.

They are also competing in this years Talisker Atlantic Race, rowing together all the way across the ocean. Will definitely be routing for them. You can follow them on Instagram here

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  1. Nutters!!!! The pair of you are completely bonkers, very brave, very entertaining and we are so pleased you are inching your way up the latitude lines of the upper northern hemisphere!!! Keep going Poldy and Rob! Regxx

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